Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This Works The Dream Team

This was the only sale purchase that I made after Christmas,and it's not like I was trying to not spend, it was the opposite I wanted to find some sale bargains but nothing took my fancy, apart from the This Works the dream team set from boots (£6.66 originally £10).

I really struggle to get to sleep most nights, especially on a Sunday and when my boyfriend works night shifts, I just can't get my brain to stop thinking, I go over everything that is happening at work, I make plans in my head about saving money, getting back to the gym and losing weight, I think about what I want to say in blog posts, and I even go over events or conversations from the past that were difficult or cringey and think about what I would do differently. On these nights I know I need to relax and try to empty my mind but it's easier said than done. 

The This Works deep sleep range has always caught my interest, I have always known that it wouldn't be a miracle worker but anything that can help is welcome. The main reasons I hadn't tried any of the products before was the price, the full size pillow spray alone is £15, and what if I don't like the scent and it becomes overpowering, there isn't much you can do once you have sprayed it on your pillow. 

I really wanted to try these tester sized products and hunted them down in the Boots sale, I'm very pleased that I did, I absolutely love the scent of the range. It contains lavender but there are also a range of essential oils too such as wild chamomile and vertivert (not sure what that is), the scent is lovely and subtle and not too overpowering, however I found you only need to spray it once or your pillow becomes a bit wet! I'm not as keen on the stress less roller ball, when I applied it to my pulse points I could never smell it, there is a chance it is working subtly but it's a bit too subtle for my liking.

I have found that my sleep pattern is slowly getting better, I only use the spray every few nights as I don't want to overdo it, and I have made other changes such as avoiding fizzy drinks in the evenings, I don't think that the pillow spray has made a difference to my sleeping on it's own but I do think it may of helped even if it was in a placebo way. I really enjoy the scent of the pillow spray and I will probably end up getting the full size at some point, it's currently on sale at Beautybay.com for £11.85.

Have you tried any aromatherapy products to help you sleep?



  1. I really want to use something like this to help me get a better nights sleep. Unfortunately a lot of these products are Lavender scented and I really dont like that scent! :-(

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. I'm really not keen on lavender either, but it's really subtle, it reminds me more of decelor's ylang ylang scent. X


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