Monday, 14 January 2013

Barry M White Foundation Creme Review

I have really struggled to find a foundation/BB cream that I like as much as my Garnier BB cream for oily/combination skin, over the winter months I can't use the Garnier BB cream as it is  just too dark for my even paler winter skin, even though it is the light shade.
I have been a bit naughty and carried on using it hoping that blending it out and by using a lighter shade powder on top it will magically make it look the right colour, but it really doesn't, as Rachel pointed out I was looking a bit orange! She recommended that I try Barry M's white creme foundation, one of her friends mixes the white foundation with her normal foundation to make it the right shade. I have quite a few foundations that are that bit too dark, as they matched me in the summer or I have bought a foundation assuming the lightest high street shade would suit me and it hasn't, so I went out to get this straight away.

The foundation costs £6.19, I managed to get this at a large Superdrug, but out of interest I recently had a look in my local Boots (which is quite large) and they didn't stock any of the Barry M foundations, so this might be a bit tricky to find, especially if your local Boots or Superdrug have a smaller Barry M concession stand.

The foundation creme range is described by Barry M as...
 'Suitable for all skin types and available in a complete colour range to provide the perfect base for make-up. The creamy base is enriched with moisturisers and vitamins that help keep skin smooth and supple for all day wear.'

The creme has quite a thick consistency and does feel moisturising, I do find that when I use it I have to make sure I give the tube a good shake as it can get a bit watery. As the creme is thick, you only need to use a small amount especially if you are mixing it with another foundation.
The shade itself is a bright white, I don't think even the palest of skin tones could get away with wearing this on it's own, but I find that it mixes well with other foundations and you only need to use a small amount to make the shade lighter. 
I was a bit concerned that it may make my skin oily, especially as my Garneir BB cream manages my shiny skin so well, but it didn't make much difference I did have a little bit of extra shine but it wasn't as bad as when I use other foundations and a bit of powder sorts it out.

You have to be realistic with this foundation it's not going to create your exact skin tone but if you find that even the lightest high street foundation is just that bit too dark or if you have loads of your favourite summer foundation left you will find this white foundation creme extremely useful. I really like this foundation I'm soo pleased that I discovered it! I can definitely see myself repurchasing this many times.


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