Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mascara Review

I am a mascara addict, I admit it! I have my staple mascara's but cant resist to try new ones and always have at least 4 in my make up box at any time, I don't think Rachel has actually bought a new mascara in years as she just comes round and gets my cast off's. These are just a few that we wanted to review first, there are loads in the photo (there would be more but I had a culling a month or so ago) that we have lying around and haven't used in ages but we will start using them again and let you know how it goes!

Bourjois – Volume Fast & Perfect:
I bought this because I am a sucker for any sort of mascara gimmick and any new mascara that promises something brilliant. We haven't really used Bourjois mascara before and we cant really think why... it is a rotating mascara that rotates clockwise and anticlockwise, it takes a lot of skill to master so that you get the rotation in the right direction, I haven't used it that much as it takes time to get the look right. We agree that the rotation isn't really necessary and you could get the same look without it. It is a nice mascara but the brush is quite disappointing, good to try once but I wont buy it again specially at £11.99, however we both agree that we would like to try other bourjois mascaras. 5/10

Benefit – Bad Gal Lash:
This is a bit of a classic mascara, everyone we know has had this mascara, though not the cheapest at £15. It does have a huge brush to give a volumised effect but to be honest I have gone off this mascara as whenever I use it I seem to get it all over my eyelids when i'm applying it no matter how careful I am, and it seems to take a few coats to build up a look then takes a while to dry, it also seems to melt during the day and you can sometimes look like a panda on a hot day! But saying that it is a classic that always creeps into our stocking at Christmas and i'm always pleased to see it! 7/10

L'Oreal – Volume Million Lashes:
I adore this mascara, the brush is medium sized and is plastic so it grabs each lash and seperates, it can get a bit claggy but you can just wipe the excess on the side. It is good for a daytime look and you can build the mascara up for a great fake lash look for night time. It isn't the cheapest mascara on the high street at £11.29 but it has really become my staple mascara that I always turn to. 9/10
Elaine's Favourite

Collection 2000 – Big Fake:
Good fat brush giving a great volumised look, it also allows for applying coats to build so brilliant for when your feeling lazy and cant be bothered to take your old mascara off! We think best for thick night time lashes and a steal at £4.99. We would give this 8/10.

Yves Saint Laurent – Shocking:
We got this as a sample from a very nice lady in Boots when we were buying our Mam another YSL mascara for her birthday, it's worth maybe asking at the counter to see if they have any left!
I was really pleased with this mascara the brush isn't that fat but it goes on really smoothly and grabs each lash to lengthen and separate, but you can build it up easily to get a more volumised look without clumps. 9/10 - it would have been 10 but the price is a bit much at £22 to buy all the time.
Rachel's Favourite

Sorry for the blurry picture - i will try and replace it!
Noveau Lashes – Black Mascara:
I got this with the December Glossybox, I was really disappointed it dried really quickly and felt very crispy on my lashes which meant I didnt have time to apply another coat, and my lashes were left looking clumped together. It does have a small brush so I found it quite useful for my bottom lashes, but I wouldn't go out and buy it. 3/10

Are you a mascara addict too?

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