Sunday, 8 January 2012

BB Creams! Garnier vs. No7

BB Creams were the new phenomenon to hit the high street in 2011, they have become so talked about that my friend told me her dad asked her if she had heard of them and how great they were!
What are BB Creams? Garnier tells us that B.B. creams (short for Blemish Balm) are hybrid products which combine the benefits of skincare and make-up in one. Initially developed by a German dermatologist in the 1950s, to soothe skin and provide coverage, B.B. Creams were made famous in South Korea by an actress famed for her beautiful skin.
I originally tried Garnier BB Cream after receiving a free sample, I was really impressed with the product and thought that it gave brilliant coverage for essentially a tinted moisturiser and my skin did look more healthy when I wore it, however I thought even the light was a bit too dark on my skin and a few times I went back to the box to double check I hadn't picked up the medium. I also have an oily T zone and found this cream made it worse so had to wear powder over the top so I didn't look like swamp thing! But I do really like the product the benefits out way the cons.
However Rachel has tried the Garnier Cream once and when going through my make up for things to steal and she wasnt impressed, she found that the it felt dry and powdery on her skin and didnt make it feel healthy or feel any different from normal foundation. She does say perhaps she didnt give it a fair trial time wise but we both it agree it smells lush.
So when we were in Boots the other day we noticed that No7 have brought out their own BB Cream we knew we had to give it a try, what was different about No7 was that their range is tailored for people with dry, very dry and oily skin which was brilliant for us, the No7 version also has SPFF 15, it is priced at £12.95 but if you time it with the boots No7 £5 off vouchers (which are available now) you can get it for a steal at £7.95.
Rachels Review – Normal/Dry:
I love it... it feels really soft when applying it to my skin and when it sinks in, it doesnt feel as heavy as normal foundation but still gives light to medium coverage, my skin feels rehydrated and soft to touch. I do feel at the minute that my skin isnt in the best of condition to move to a lighter coverage so havent been wearing it a lot but it feels good enough that I will try and make the step to wearing it all the time!
Elaine's Review – Normal/Oily:
I like this,  it is that bit lighter when you apply it as it's more fluid, and a little bit goes a long way and the coverage it just as good as Garnier, I also feel that the colour (fair) matches my skin tone a lot better, but I dont think it makes your skin as luminous. I would definitely buy this again. It is more expensive than Garnier but there are a tiny few more pros especially when you get £5 off. 

Have you tried them yet? What did you think?

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