Thursday, 14 March 2013

How to follow our blog!

There is a whole lot of panic happening on twitter about Google Reader being retired on July 1st, I don't use it as I read blogs through my Blogger dashboard but it is a site that allows you to read all the blogs that you follow, there is no news yet about GFC going but everyone agrees it will probably be next! 
You can already follow our blog through Hello Cotton and Blog Lovin, but I had kind of been neglecting those sites, so I'm going to try and be a bit more active on Blog Lovin' and Hello Cotton. I have transferred all of the blogs that I follow to Blog Lovin and downloaded their app, and I love it, it has made keeping up with blogs much easier, I think I had been missing a lot of posts by reading through the dashboard!
If you want to make the move, you can transfer all your Google Reader blogs over to Blog Lovin' really easily when you make an account, they have rather handily made the announcement about Google Reader at the top of the page with a link to their Google Reader import page, here is the link, it only took me a minute.

So you can follow our blog via Blog Lovin', Hello Cotton or GFC until it goes but there is no news when that will happen yet, using the side bar buttons, or you can follow me on twitter as I always put up updates on new post or general nonsense tweets!



  1. so does this mean blogspot will not longer exist....?

    1. Blogger is different so it will still exist, it's only how you follow blogs that will be changing. x

  2. Thanks for the link, done - luv your blog so will continue following on blogluvin too!
    Its so sad to hear about GFC closing...


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