Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dainty Doll Makeup at Fragrance Direct!

*claxon* Dainty Doll makeup is on Fragrance Direct! *claxon*
I heard about the new addition to through twitter and within 5 minutes I had already placed my order, Dainty Doll is a brand that I have wanted to try for a very long time, but the price has always put me off. I love that this brand is aimed for pale skinned ladies like me but that anyone with any skin tone can also enjoy the products.

There is quite a lot of products from the range available from blushers, eyeshadow, concealer to double ended mascara/eyeliner, the prices are soo cheap and have been heavily reduced.    I did try to limit myself (although it might not seem like it) and I bought 3 cream blushers, a concealer and a lipstick, I bought another of their lipsticks from a cheapy makeup stall. 

Firstly I absolutely love the packaging, the design and the feel is very high quality and I love that the blushers and concealer contain a little mirror, I can't quite bring myself to throw away the boxes they came in just yet!
L-R Billion Dollar Babies, Paper Roses, Orange County Girl & Concealer in 002
I bought all 3 of the cream blushers available, 001 Paper Roses, 002 Orange County Girl and 003 Billion Dollar Babies, and I am really impressed with the quality of the blushers, they are lovely and soft which makes them very easy to blend, when you first apply the colour it is quite sheer but also very buildable, the swatch above was built up after 2 or 3 applications, I'm really looking forward to using Billion Dollar Babies as a cream contour.
The cream blushers are £1.99 - I can't see them on the website anymore so they may have sold out so I would recommend you try a cheapy makeup stall, all of the ones I have seen are selling Dainty Doll makeup too.
I bought the concealer in 002, I haven't really tried it out yet, but it seems like a good match for my skin tone, however it seems like it might be a bit thick for under my eyes. 
The concealer is also £1.99.

L-R In His Kiss & Baby Love
I actually bought Baby Love after reading a review from someone saying how much they loved it on the Boots website, and for £1.99 you can't really go wrong, I picked up In His Kiss from a makeup stall.
The lipsticks are lovely quality and feel moisturising, they are very easy to wear.
 I was hoping that Baby Love would be more of a pinky nude than it is, and In His Kiss is more of a pearlie pink than I like, so instead of thinking 'meh' to the colours I have been mixing them together which has given me a lovely pink nude colour and at only £3.98 for both it is still cheaper than buying one colour and much better quality.

I really love my Dainty Doll purchases and will be keeping my eye out to get more!

Does anyone know why Dainty Doll makeup is being sold off so cheaply? I know in Boots they are on offer for a 1/3 off also, is the line being discontinued or are they making space for new products?


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  1. These all look so nice, I might buy some if they're still on the website x


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